Free Charging Initiative

100% Free Charging for all Electric Vehicles across India 

EV Shift without Green Power

We would just be replacing Fuel with Coal 

Green Power can be generated but

City Grids are not designed to take a variable load of a few million EV's that would plug in at anytime - anywhere 


Power needs to be generated exactly where it is being utilized - distribution will only result in further inefficiencies 

Green Power is the Key

Using wind and solar power we can generate 4 to 6 GW of energy per metro city and 1-3 GW for small cities

Become "The Google Location"

100% Free Setup, Green Power based Community Free Charging Points, take your business green & meet environment norms

Next Steps

Please write to us at contact@hriman.com or call us at +91 9999199911 

We will help you to setup a RoofTop Solar Plant and also set up a community charging plug- 100% free. 


You need to own the building/ have very long term lease / or be able to provide a bank guarantee

The Solar Plant will be setup as an independent unit from the Charging Plug and Net metering will be used to directly get you the benefits of Green Power. 

Your Business Location will be put on multiple platforms offering EV charging and every Electric vehicle owner - whether a 2 or a 4 wheeler will have to stop at your location for charging or topup charging. 

Who should call us Immediately ?

Mall owners, Restaurants, Highways Stops, Large Prestigious Businesses, Retails Shops, Apartment Societies, Builders, Automotive Dealers 2 & 4 wheeler, Corporates and everyone else who would want to help make this world a little cleaner !!!

Call or Whatsapp us at +91 9999199911