India's First Serious EV Cars

running cost lower than a two wheeler !!!


Presenting -The RT 90

Designed in Sweden, Battery from Japan,  Made in India with Pride

Join the Electric Car Revolution

An EV that will offer many surprises !!!

The Boot Lid can be customized with multiple wraps !!!

200 kms on a single charge ... 

Charging time 10 mins !


Solid Fundamentals

A super strong Trellis Frame that can carry 4 times the rated load and multiple Motor options !!!

Disruptive .... YES

The Most Affordable Electric Car

Charge Twice a week !!!

Lithium/ Titanium Battery

Less than half the weight , four times the life of a regular battery 

Intelligent Features

Many smart features - auto braking maybe... auto parking...

Out of the World Pricing

Prepare for a very transparent offering, multiple options to configure your cars...


100% Free Charging for all EV's 

Zero Cost to setup - absolute disruption !!!

Not Just an AC

The Best Air Filtration Technology will offer immense protection from the pollution 

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